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Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday with those they love.

See you all soon!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Chinese Democracy - A Casual Fan "Review"

AXL ROSE Pictures, Images and Photos

(I would have done a band photo, but don't know who is in the band...not sure they do either!)

As you’ve noticed, I bring up other things in this blog, things I’ve been thinking about or news items or music from other artists…basically completely random nothingness, meaning usually just my opinion.

I wrote about Chinese Democracy, the new Guns N’Roses release before. Guns fans have forums too and while to me they are rather virulent in their adoration of this album, I wondered what I would think of the album as a very casual fan.

So, while listening to each song I wrote what came to mind about it. This is not a “review” per se as I’m not musically knowledgeable enough to do that. I’m just a listener, someone who might hear a song on the radio, and that’s how I wrote it.

Hopefully I’ll be able to convey that I have nothing against Axl, Slash, or former or new GnR. At best, I am a very casual fan. There were a few songs I liked from the old Guns and I probably vaguely know the rest. So this opinion is offered only on behalf of myself and perhaps as an indication of others in that category.

While there are many people who are very into music such that they can recognize who is playing a guitar on a certain song because of the “style”, there are those of us who actually couldn’t tell you if it was Slash, or Buckethead, or Bumblefoot to save our lives. Scoff if you must, but I’m guessing I’m not alone in that.

Of course we also have our favorite bands and with those we can tell you their history, who’s in the band, their albums, their tours, and their music – just like Guns fans can with GnR.

IMO, with our favorite bands we are predisposed to like the music. If it’s our favorite singer doing new songs we will probably like them because it is our favorite band. That’s pretty much human nature.

Excluding our favorite bands, other musicians play and either it catches us or it doesn’t. I hear a new song on the radio – within several seconds I am either turning it up because it has “caught” me, or I’m changing the station. I’m probably not far off in imaging that a lot of you do the same.

Regarding Chinese Democracy and with the full understanding that these are just MY opinions, here are a few sound bytes.

I first heard (or got reminded) about this album from the Dr. Pepper tie-in. Saw that on Google when checking the news.

Found Guns fan boards when my curiosity got me as truthfully I didn’t pay attention whether or not GnR had not put out new music in years.

As far as expectations of what Guns N’ Roses music should sound like, I don’t think I had any. Simply not familiar enough with their stuff to HAVE expectations.

I listened to each of these songs in order and wrote what came to mind, pretending I would be hearing these for the first time on the radio.

You can listen along as well by going to Youtube and putting in the names of the songs. Look for the ones with the cover of the CD as those are off the album and not the years of leaks.


Chinese Democracy – I like that intro. Intrigued me and I wanted to hear more. Built anticipation. Seriously great when the next bit starts. Got thrown a bit with the part that sounds like “Rock You Like a Hurricane”. Heard Axl’s scream and my eyes got wide in pleased surprise. Then he started singing and I just deflated. I lost interest. The song is not bad, it’s just this huge letdown after such a great start. The only words I can really remember are “masturbation” and “precious time”.

Shackler’s Revenge – I seriously dislike this song. Started laughing out loud at hearing what sounded like an elephant. My first thought was how bloated this song sounded with the double? vocals. I was so distracted by what sounded like every instrument known to man being thrown in that when it was over I really couldn’t remember anything except “I’ve got a funny feeling” and the elephant. I HATE THIS SONG!

Better – Didn’t really care for the intro. If in a car, might have already switched the radio. Vocals are much better. This one has a real “beat” to my ear. Did start tapping my toes when Axl started singing and that kept me listening. When the “now I know you better” starts that draws me out of the song. Back in with next part. Do not like the last part of the song (I never wanted you to be…) Would probably listen to this one again.

Street of Dreams – Really liked the intro. Next part is great. First lyric made me go “what the hell is wrong with his voice”? Next one was better. Got my head bobbing. Love the guitar on this. If the parts of this song where his voice is weird were gone, I would like this. Best song so far.

If The World – Really great start! I would have been blasting this in the car. Voice starts, still blasting in the car. Love the rasp. Serious toe tapping going on. Actually starting to sing along with this one. Interesting little bit in there “da da da” – me likey! Really singing the chorus now. The flamenco guitar bit is just icing on the cake. I LOVE THIS SONG!

There Was A Time – Intriguing start, turn radio up. Voice – okay, still listening. Toes are tapping. Chorus just threw me right out. Would have changed station on that. Gets better after chorus, but I might have been done after just that. Still dislike that chorus. Improves again. Gets really good with the guitar and drums. Like that part a lot. It feels like this song is too long. Like it could have ended at around 5 mins. But it continues and the guitars are good. Really good. Funny, but I like the guitars so much I actually wish Axl weren’t singing. Ending is great. There are some great parts here, but that chorus just threw me out of that song so I probably wouldn’t be rushing to hear this one again. Shame too, because the ending is really good.

Catcher In The Rye – Okay start. Good vocals. Gets better. Chorus just loses me. It’s not good, not bad, just meh. I would have changed the radio station. Instrumental part is nice. Like the “nah nah nah” part. Guitar is good. Chorus again – just ugh. This song seems to go on forever. I would have definitely changed the radio. Just waiting for this song to end. It lost me ages ago. Ending not bad, but I wouldn’t have made it that far.

Scraped – Intriguing beginning. Radio is up. Voice starts, losing me. Radio is changed. Not toe tapping, making a face. Don’t like this one. Bloated again. Guitar is good moving into great. Head bobbing a little. Voice again – wham! I’m out. Glad this is a short song.

Riad n’ The Bedouins – Great start. Voice starts, still listening. Radio is up. Decent, not great. Not tapping. Like when he stresses words such as “all”, “lies”, “time”. Not bad, not great. Solo not grabbing me on this one. I might listen to this again but wouldn’t seek out. Could live if I never heard it again.

Sorry – LOVE the intro! Radio is UP! Vocals good and I’m actually trying to hear the words. “I don’t want to do it” made me laugh. Brought me out of the song a bit. Sounds like two different singers. Like the “I’m sorry for you” part. If I hadn’t read that this was a slam against Slash and maybe Guns fans, I would have thought it was a bitter love song. Love the solo, LOVE IT! “…kicked your ass…” brought me up short. It would have made me realize this isn’t a love song and that takes away a little bit for me. Don’t really like near the end. This is an intriguing song and I would listen at least once more.

I.R.S. – CRANK THAT RADIO! Cool intro! Still listening. Can tell right away it’s Axl and that’s a plus here. Wait. Can hardly understand a word. “…well it’s true…” sounds good. Chorus is clearer and pretty good. Solo bits are great. Way over the screaming though. Still can hardly understand what he’s saying so that takes away from the song. I hear “call president, private eye” stuff, but the rest, have no real clue what he’s saying so song is not grabbing me. On a car radio this would be even less clear. Damn! Great start but then it just lost me.

Madagascar – First few seconds would not have grabbed me if on the radio. Voice starts and then the grab hits. Really like his voice in this one, like the beat, the music. Again, can tell this is Axl and that is a plus. “Forgive them that tear down my soul…” great lines! Like the additions in the song, such as Martin Luther King – makes it more interesting and I probably would have made it that far on the radio. Can’t understand the other voice/s, only King, so starting to get confused now. I would have listened to hear the end if I was hearing this on the radio for the first time, but that’s about it. It’s pretty good, but in the end doesn’t hook me. I would listen again though.

This I Love – Beginning would have caught me. When voice starts I have no clue who is singing. Now asking myself “Is that Axl? Nah.” Not grabbing. High voice is irritating. Just music part is good, but I would have been gone. Definitely not listening to this in the car. Just realized I’m only 2:30 into this song and wishing it was over. Guitar/s starting and pretty good moving towards really good. Guitar just got seriously great but I would never have heard them. Sorry but when vocals start again, want more guitar. Turning speakers down. Song seems over, but goes on. Vocals better and song starts improving. THIS part I would have listened to! Guitar/s and those last several seconds not worth having to listen again to the rest.

Prostitute – Good start, radio up. Vocals intriguing, love the long notes. Damn! Again the chorus loses me! There goes the station. Still love the voice on those notes he holds. I’m not getting hooked on this song. Listening right now and can’t remember a single word. I won’t think about this when it’s over. Guitar goes whiney now – annoying. Radio down cause I’m already annoyed. The last minute is good and I want it to continue, but I never would have heard it as I would have changed the station a long time ago.

So, of all the songs, If The World is the only song I really want to hear again. Street of Dreams is decent and so is Better, in that order. The rest are already forgotten. Except for Shackler’s. I don’t ever want to hear that again. As a very casual fan I would order If The World on iTunes (and did!) and possibly Street of Dreams, but that’s it. I would not buy the album.

Just putting this into a little perspective, I’m 47 and grew up with these type of bands, during the early MTV days when you had it on all the time to watch videos. Today, well, can’t remember the last new video I saw.

If you’ve bought this album or heard any of the songs, I would love to know what you thought. Leave a comment or drop me a line at

Friday, December 19, 2008

Take Me Home, Jon, Take Me Home


Another Friday, another fiction.

Jon and Tessa.



Just wow.

This isn’t your typical “Jon” story. In this one he’s got a few flaws, a few quirks, and a few things to overcome. One of those things is how he’s going to bring Tessa into his life and just what that means.

After all, he has kids.

An ex-wife.

Long-time friends.

How is Tessa going to fit in and what does fitting in mean exactly?

And Tessa.

Confident, successful, a bit of a loner.

What happens to her when she’s thrust into the world of Jon Bon Jovi?

How does she learn to trust him?

To know what they have is real?

Take the journey.

It’s worth the trip.


By TaraLeigh

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jon Bon Jovi and Covers


Some of the following are my favorite covers of other artists' songs as done by Jon or Jon and Richie.

Hope you enjoy!

Willy DeVille and Jon Bon Jovi – Save The Last Dance For Me

Really love this song.

Try A Little Tenderness

Cuts off at the very end, but oh those 3:13 seconds until it does.

Bon Jovi & Steven Tyler 1989

Two of my favorites! Jon and Steven.

Jon & Richie – Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

Too short! More please!

Jon & Richie – Imagine

Thought this was just beautiful.

Jon & Richie – Here Comes The Sun

Again, so gorgeous!

How many did I miss?

WTF?!?! Adolf Hitler?

There are just some things that make you ask that type of question.

The seriously whacked news that makes you wonder what the fuck was that person thinking?

Such as The Reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.

Yes, you read that right.

Heath and Deborah Campbell have actually named their blonde-haired blue-eyed three-year-old son Adolf Hitler Campbell and are currently having a hissy fit because a store refused to decorate a cake with the child’s name on top. In a previous year they wanted the cake to have a swastika on it. Their other children are JoceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell (2 yrs in a few months) and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell (age 2 in April).

Honszlynn Hinler is named for Heinrich Himmler, the man in charge of the concentration (death) camps and head of the SS.

Apparently Heath Campbell said he named his son after Adolf Hitler because he liked the name and because “no one else in the world would have that name”. NO SHIT SHERLOCK!

And he “sounds surprised” by all the controversy the dispute has generated.

But then again he apparently doesn’t believe the Holocaust took place.

Now, I’m sorry to say, but there are some really stupid kid names out there, that other then being ridiculous and a future embarrassment to the child, are nonetheless relatively harmless. These include:

Pilot Inspektor (Jason Lee’s son)
Fifi Trixibell (Bob Geldof’s daughter)
Audio Science (Shannyn Sossamon’s child, sex unknown)

And lest we forget, the apparently zoned Frank Zappa and his three Zapp-ettes also known as Dweezil, Moon Unit, and Diva Muffin.

Then there are the children who have future lawsuits against their parents waiting, such as Pixie Frou-Frou and Toilet (pronounced Twa-lay). Yeah, right. SURE it’s pronounced twa-lay, yep, everyone calls her that.

And deserving of their own special mention:

Tulula Does The Hula From Hawaii
Number 16 Bus Shelter
Twins – Benson and Hedges and Fish and Chips.

A judge in New Zealand in the Talula case said the parents of the nine-year-old had shown very poor judgment. “It makes a fool of the child and sets her up with a social disability and handicap.”

Now, while all that may have been somewhat cringe-worthy to read, there are those names that are just a flat out no-no. Should not be used, not if you have a shred of decency in your soul for your child. Just an inkling of how cruel children (and adults) can be. Just one drop of compassion for what you are PURPOSEFULLY setting up.

Some of those infamous names (at least in this country), include:

Ted – if your last name is Bundy.

Jeffrey – if your last name is Dahmer.

Joseph – if last name is Stalin.

Mao Tse Tung – pretty much anywhere.



Coming in at number two on the NO FUCKING WAY list is, not surprisingly:

Bin Laden

But, THE number one name, the absolutely don’t use it EVER name, has got to be:

Adolf Hitler.

If this is not one of the most WHAT THE FUCK moments out there, I’ll have to search the news more.

This sure is my WTF of the day. Maybe the week.

This name is not embarrassing, or silly, or ridiculous, or anything as benign as that.

It’s downright cruel.

It “makes a fool of the child and sets her up with a social disability and handicap.”

It’s wrong.

What do you think?

One Source: Adolf Hitler Campbell

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jonny Are Ya Glad to See Us?


So…another late night last night for me. As The Fiction Mistress would say, hubby was in satisfaction coma and mama was here on the ‘puter, trying to write and mostly succeeding, and oh so thankful for my late night Yahoo chat buddies – Siara and Neen and Melissa and Willow and Nzjbjfan (you work way hard girl!).

Of course there's also AliceFaye and Bayaderra and BedofRoses, but unlike us night owls, these ladies actually manage to get some sleep on a regular basis!

And then there's Samantha herself when she’s got a few. Don’t ya love her pics of where she gets to stay while doing her job?

And don’t ya just know that someday, someway, His Royal Hotness himself is gonna be in one of those fancy hotel rooms, just down the hall. Oh Mistress! Will you be able to contain yourself? One would certainly hope not!

I’m doing a lot of story tweaking right now and had a couple of short chapters so I posted two today on John Francis.

And, as a teaser, ‘cause I’m not yet ready to post, there’s a new story in the works and pretty soon I’m gonna introduce you to Jon and Mel.

Also, have been tossing the idea around of adding another sequel to The Plane. I feel a certain mood coming on, the mood I need to write that story and it’s sitting on the devil side of my shoulders, whispering dirty words in my ear. I’m starting to listen harder.

Oh? That picture above? Well...shit.

What do YOU use for inspiration?


Have another Youtube for you. Why oh why can’t I run into Jon when he’s had a few? He’s just so damn cute!

Bon Jovi – Vancouver 87

And I happen to love this song, so it was way easy to watch this compilation video and listen ‘cause there’s lotsa kissin’ and lotsa dancin’:

Bon Jovi – Put the Boy Back in Cowboy

Welllllllllll…I now feel re-inspired…gotta go…gotta breathe…lordy, lordy.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Russian Bon Jovi?

So…a lot of us who write and blog have these little map things at the bottom of our pages.

You might have noticed.

They’re fun for us because while we might not know who you are, it’s way cool to see the countries out there who share a love of Bon Jovi.

And this got me thinking.

Where is Russia?

I mean, I guess I can understand Antarctica not being there…only about 5,000 people and only during the “summer” there starting in November…and most of those may be men…although if I was there I sure would wanna heat up a little by reading some good Bon Jovi stories!

However, since it IS Antarctica, I guess they get a pass.

But where the heck are the Russian Jovi fans?

I know they’re out there. Is it cause Bon Jovi hasn’t been there in forever?

Has it been too long?

If you know anybody there or know somebody who knows somebody.

Will you ask?
And yes, Ms. Bayaderra, I know Russia is a country not a continent! But it is WAY huge!


Have a few Youtubes for you today. If you’ve seen them, enjoy them again. If not, grab a glass of wine and take a look at our boys.

Richie Sambora – In It For Love

Gorgeous! Man and song – Just GORGEOUS!

Bon Jovi Good Lovin’ Bad Medicine Philly 2005

OH MY GOD! Could this man be any sexier? I don’t think so!

Bon Jovi - It’s My Life

This one just stuns me! The crowd – SO LOUD – even the guys seem amazed. Was anybody there for that concert?

Got a youtube to share? Email me at

And if you’re on yahoo, give me a hollar at sunstreaked61.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bashing Bon Jovi ?


So…been thinking the last few days about the fan club brouhaha and how reading all the complaints on Anthony Kuzminski's blog made me feel.




I love this band. I love their music. I love the guys.

For about a gazillion years they’ve retained the charm of “just some guys from Jersey” and I’m probably not the only one who’s loved them for that.

Sure, they’re rich as hell and I don’t begrudge them one penny, but they never went “diva”.

I’m proud of their charitable efforts, their involvement in activities far outside what most might think of “rock stars”, how they give back in so many ways.

I appreciate how approachable they are and how they almost always have a smile for their fans even if they don’t have a moment to stop for that picture or that autograph.

They don’t need to be perfect, but they are better than this.

And that’s where the disappointment comes in, the sadness, and the frustration.

Let me say it again – I LOVE THIS BAND!

Bon Jovi isn’t Gun N’Roses – they don’t disrespect their fans by appearing late at concerts, canceling, no-showing, causing riots.

This is Bon Jovi – THE BEST live show ever.

We’re here for the guys, the band, and their music.

Just “treat us right” Jon.

And “we’ll be there for you”.


Because you’re better than this.

You’re just some guys from Jersey.


Thursday, December 11, 2008



You all probably know that the Bon Jovi part of the internet has been exploding the last few days in response to the blog entry by Anthony Kuzminski, a Chicago writer on the antiMusic Network and The Screen Door.

If you haven’t read it yet, it’s here at The Screen Door.

A short week ago I asked for info about the Fan Club as I was debating whether or not to join. Considering what’s happened since this article came out, I’m not surprised so few responded to that request.

People have been banned from the Fan Club.

For speaking their mind.

For voicing their concerns.

For linking to The Screen Door blog.

So far, administration at the Fan Club (helloooooo Matt ?) have been silent except for use of the delete key for threads that dare expose the dark underbelly of this beast and the “BANNED” response for members, some long term, who have posted this information.


Are you that insecure Jon? So insecure that you can’t even leave up threads that might speak against something that is going on in your own fan club?
What are you afraid of?
Can't you handle the truth?

You’ve got fans from the early to mid-80’s who are STILL fans of the band. We buy the CDs, the DVDs, the shirts, and the concert tickets.

We play the music in our cars, our iPods (Jovi-pods), our offices, and in our homes.

We’re pissed that you weren’t nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

We think the band deserves Grammy’s and every other award out there and we vote for those when we can.

So…what do you owe us?

For the average fan, not in the fan club, not a damn thing. We pays our money and gets our ticket.

For those in YOUR fan club…well, the letter wishing the fans Happy Holidays is a good start.

But…it ain’t enough, Jon.

Not nearly enough.

You seem to be one of the most saavy public relations people out there – so why are you fucking this up?

We all KNOW you have your finger in every pie, so we all KNOW you are aware of the problems with YOUR fan club.

Whatcha gonna do, Jon?

Are you the quarterback or not?

Fix this, Jon.


Shame on you.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

That Old Black Magic - Lust !


So…occasionally I have to take myself outta the world of Jovi.

Take a break.


When Jon starts feeling like a husband (sorry dear) I need to back away.

Until once again I start experiencing those feelings. The “oh my god” rush when I watch a video or see pictures or hear his voice in an interview.

Or that laugh.

Does he have a great laugh or what?

When that smile of his again makes me smile, I know those feelings are back.

Pictures like the one at the top and the one below start to do it.


So I take those feelings and use them to write.

Most of you probably know I also write fan fiction. Some of you may be reading it. The longer of my stories, John Francis, started out from an idea that just wouldn’t leave me alone. Every night when I went to bed story lines and dialog ran through my head until I just started writing.


THAT was a first.

No short stories before this for me, no other fictions at that time,
just an idea and being willing to take a chance.

Perhaps I would embarrass myself.

Perhaps it would totally suck.

Perhaps I would fall flat on my face.

But I took a chance.

At times over the last several months, Jon has become too familiar
and that’s when I’ve needed to step back and let him entice me again.

So…what does all this mean and why mention it?

Because it you are reading and you wonder where I go occasionally, that’s where.
Just giving the man a chance to make me need a panty change again.

He’s pretty good that way.



Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tico! Tico! Tico!

tico Pictures, Images and Photos

I admit it.

Tico Torres is hot.

Watching him in concert or on a DVD and seeing that smile.

I start grinning too.

Somehow, after all these years, he still looks like he’s having the time of his life.

Watching him play and seeing interviews, you get the sense that this is a man who doesn’t let too much in life get him down. He just seems to have this serene quality to him, with passion simmering beneath the surface. Passion that explodes when he gets behind a drum set.

Truthfully, I don’t know that much about the man’s personal life but I’d like to think it could be a lot like this.

For The Love of Tico

By Joviswoman

It starts out at a concert where one woman at least is not paying attention to either His Royal Hotness or The King of Swing. She has eyes only for one man. What happens next is pretty much guaranteed to have you laughing out loud and reading as fast as your finger can hit the next post button.

There are a lot of chapters there and you can read til ya can’t see. Grab a glass of wine and settle back all comfy in your chair and then hang on. Don’t mind when people wonder what the heck you’re laughing about. You know. They can read it later.

Image by love_the_jovi_80

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We’re Just Not That Into You

Axl Rose Pictures, Images and Photos

It’s been out since November 23rd. Apparently a lot of people were waiting for it. And these people were really, really happy. Their favorite hard rock band had put out an album of new music after 17 years.

They were sure and I mean SURE that this band would rule the world. Be on the top. Music was gonna change. Respect and love would come from the masses as they worshipped at the altar of Axl.

Yeah, Axl Rose.

Guns N’Roses (well, Axl only).

The infamous Chinese Democracy is out. First week sales are in. Kanye West led with over 450,000; Taylor Swift was second at 267,400; and Guns third with 261,200.

The excuses have begun. According to a fan site:

“The record is fucking amazing, but…”

…the timing GNR management chose to release it hurt sales…
Of course, this was released during the biggest sales week of the year, the week of “Black Friday”.

…It won't connect with people who are dead-set against it. Sure, there are probably people who dislike Axl – hell, don’t care much for the man myself – but I loved Sweet Child of Mine, Welcome to the Jungle, and Paradise City.

…there’s been a lack of promotion. Hmm…let’s think about that one. Best Buy exclusive, TV commercials, title song played on the radio, radio station listening parties, myspace free stream with OVER 8 MILLION LISTENS (a record). No Axl, of course, but that’s his choice.

…nobody’s seen Axl. Well, that is apparently true, unless you count the bagel shop in LA where he bought some. So, he’s alive and eating at least.

So, let’s put this into a little bit of perspective.

Bon Jovi – Lost Highway – A different musical direction - First week sales – 291,000.

Guns N’Roses – Chinese Democracy – “THE MOST ANTICIPATED ALBUM EVER” – 261,200.

Uh huh.

In reading through the GnR fan forums, I noticed the fans saying many times that they needed to listen to the songs more than 5 or 6 times to like them.

WHAT ???

YOU’RE THE DIE-HARD FANS !!! And it took YOU over 5 listens to LIKE the song?

And you want the casual fan to do this?

Were ya born stupid?

Don’t know about you, but I hear a new song on the radio and within seconds I’m either turning it up or changing the station.

No listening five or six times.


Music is subjective.

You like what you like.



Perhaps a Guns N’Roses fan says it best:

I think many people are forgetting how we reacted when we first heard the leaks. WE WERE NOT IMPRESSED. I actually dug Madagascar the first time I heard it but now I am sick of it. It's a sandwich. You have 2 parts (1st and last) that sound exactly the same with a long boring solo in the middle. Boring.

Chinese Democracy: When I heard this song for the first time in 2001(Vegas) the first thing that went through my mind was "cheap Nirvana rip off".

The Blues: Another boring song that seemed to not have been good enough to be on the Illusions. A poor man's NR/Estranged.

There Was A Time: It has some good moments but it just doesn't go anywhere. When the 2nd part of the song kicks in it just goes on forever. You start to wonder when it is going to end.

Catcher in the Rye: I actually like this song and I don't think there is anything wrong with it. I would have liked for them to have left Brian May's parts in the song. It would have been good press and perhaps attracted the Queen fanbase into checking out the album.

Scraped: Mediocre song with no venom. Is this the same Axl Rose that sung in songs like "Out Ta Get Me"? The intro is unnecessary and pretty much neuters the song from the get go.

Riad: Musically a pretty good song but the vocals kill it. Gives you a headache.

Shackler's Revenge: Good chorus but too much of a change from the GNR sound. He should have saved the shock factor for his next album.

Sorry: It's a good song but unfortunately at this point people have already given up on the album and don't get to hear it.I.R.S: It is catchy but mediocre. Any 80's reject L.A band could have written this in one day.

This I love: All you have to do is go to a Broadway play and you will hear a different version of this song. Too over-dramatic.

Prostitute: A good song but the ending has too much synth and an unnecessary drum beat. The only thing we should be hearing at that point is the piano.

Better: When we first heard this song many of us thought the middle part was fan made. We were like "what the fuck is this nu-metal bullshit?". Let's also not forget about the awful intro. I thought it was a "Barbie Girl" rip off.

It's an album of overproduced average songs. I have heard the album several times now and it is still hard to digest. If I, a person that has followed this band and had time to analyze the leaks feels this way about the finished product imagine what’s an average joe listening to this album for the first time gonna think? It is no mystery why this album tanked. It is just too different and inferior to the GNR of old. And as long as Axl uses the GNR name those criticisms are valid.

(Only spelling and grammar corrected – poster purposefully not identified)

In case you’ve forgotten –

Over 8 MILLION myspace listens = 261,200 sales.

Axl, we’re just not that into you.

Friday, November 21, 2008

F is for Fiction and J is for Joker


The Goddess Hathor and her story The Joker.

Yeah, I’m actually gonna review The Goddess.

I have balls.

Admit it.

And close your mouths.

She puts her pants on one leg at a time too.

Okay, okay, so they’re GODDESS pants, but still …

Shit, now I’m scaring myself.

Deeeeeeeeeeeep breath, deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath…

A-hem. Right.

The Joker.

So, as you might have guessed I’m a Jon and Richie girl
(and yes, I can be both).

I’m greedy like that.

Tico is way sexy but also way too short for me.

And David…well, he’s adorable. Cute. Sure. Uhm, good looking. And…ah, cute.



David always came in last for me.

So why, in this story, did I fall head over heels for him?

Why did I find him irresistibly attractive, funny, sensitive, and amazing?


Come on, guys.

It’s a Goddess story.

I got sucked into this with the very first page.

Wanted to be one of the Harem, to meet Zan, Kidd, and Noel.

Wanted to go to the show with Hath, Queenie, Lucy, and Sam.

You will too.

And truth?

While all of The Goddess’ stories are great, there are some that are even better than that,
better than great.

This is one of those.

Don’t miss it.


By The Goddess Hathor

david Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let's Make It Baby


Don’t ask me why but the other day I was randomly following link after link after link and somehow I got to a site that talked about Axl Rose saying Jon could “suck his dick”.

Well, where was I when this happened?

Being the nosy bitch I am, I immediately started looking this up (gotta love Google).

Then I follow MORE links and come across something that just dropped my jaw.

Y’all know the song Let’s Make It Baby?

Sorry, what a “duh” question.

Well, am I the only person who has not heard about the alternative lyrics?

This site has the following at the end of the song (edited for clarity):

So turn out the lights and baby go down slowly
Dont you tell me you want me
Dont you tell me you love me
Just tell me me.
Tell me...tell me...tell me
Lets make it baby
lets make it baby
lets make it baby
lets make it baby
(I want to fuck you)
(suck my dick, suck my dick, I want you to suck my dick)
(I Want to fuck you)

*Gulp* Uhm…huh?

I have both versions – the “clean” (yeah, right) and the “dirty” talkbox version and neither one says that one line. Believe me, I woulda noticed.

So, has anybody else heard of this? Am I missing THIS?

Is this version out there in mp3 land?

And if you love me, will you send it to me?

How about if you just don’t hate me?

Ladies…your mission, should you choose to accept, is to HELP ME OUT HERE with info on this version.

Does this exist other than words on a few web sites?

And in case you’re thinking this was just some random find, here are some other sites where these lyrics are:

Here at Tabcrawler

and here at Sweet Lyrics

and another at Lyrics Mode

The Fiction Mistress thinks I’m just missing this in the talkbox version. If that’s true, I’m immediately buying a bottle of wine and listening until I hear it. My only consolation is that Hector didn’t seem to hear it either.


I really wanna hear this.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008



So, I’ve been thinking about joining the fan club.

And I need your help.

I’ve heard good things and bad things and so-so things.

What I haven’t heard is the real scoop from those who ARE members.

That’s the question today and I’ll write about it next week.

Tell me – should I join?

Or not?

Email me at

No names will be used.

If there’s bad stuff, let’s get it out there so Jovi can clean up their act.

If there’s good stuff, let’s tell ‘em so they can do more.

I also want the skinny on Backstage.

And a big MWAH! for your help.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who Is Hector Rashbaum?


I surf the net.

A lot.

Way too much.

Sometimes I get lost on tangents that later on make me ask the eternal question “what the fuck was I thinking?!” and other times I know exactly what I was thinking and why I’m glad I continue to surf.

I stumbled across this site and got sucked into a deep dark hole. When a writer is so witty that you find yourself sitting at the ‘puter grinning like an idiot, you know you’ve hit the jackpot.

This particular writer chose to review Bon Jovi songs. Unfortunately, she got side-tracked by school and life and hasn’t written anymore for quite a while, but please don’t miss the ones she’s done.

I’ve found songs I didn’t know existed by reading her blog and appreciated songs I knew by heart more after I saw what she had to say about them. I laughed out loud at some of her comments, while vehemently disagreeing with her about much of what she has to say about Richie. Y’all know I love Richie too, so don’t diss the man!

Hector Rashbaum (her screen alter) is also not the biggest fan of Jon’s, but when she tells you about his voice transporting her, ya better listen cause she’s dead on.

She writes what she loves, what she hates, and what makes her be a Jovi fan. If you weren’t a big fan before you hit her blog, you will be when you leave.

One of the many things I particularly like is that she does not gush about a particular guy. I’ve already mentioned that she’s not overly fond of Richie, and Jon is not a “god” to her. She talks about David and Tico in such a way that I found myself listening again to songs to hear what she meant and she was right! How many times it is Tico’s drumming that drives a song and how intricate is David’s keyboarding, sometimes low, sometimes leading the way.

What follows are some excerpts from her “reviews”:

Wanted Dead or Alive

…Other people run for cover when I'm listening to this song. This is my favorite of the big hits, the songs that are synonymous with Bon Jovi. I love the instrumentation, I love the lyrics, I love it when Richie shouts "I STILL DIE YI YI", I just plain freaking love everything about this song.

And vocally...for the love of God. It's just gorgeous. Jon's voice has so much power, even without him yelling it, you can just feel him pouring everything into those vocals. And Richie's backing is perfect. Absolutely perfect. Richie and Jon have very different voices but there's similarities to the "style"(for lack of a better word) to them that makes them blend very well…

Stick To Your Guns

…Jon has a motherfucking set of pipes on him. Boy can belt shit hardcore.

This is one of the best examples of how powerful Jon's voice was at its peak. It says a lot about where he started from that his voice has deteriorated pretty significantly and he can still belt it out better than guys half his age.

I like this song as a song, but what always really stands out for me is just how intense his voice is. Even during the verses, which are more subdued, it's just amazing…

Crazy (sung by Tico)

…Then the song started and I fell out of my chair (true story - they're designed to tilt back without falling over, but I was already tilting back and Tico distracted me so much I forgot and leaned back more). It's just gorgeous.

His voice is an acquired taste, but when you look at him, you realize it's exactly how the badass mafia-looking guy with the big cigar should sing. Growly. And if you know more about Tico, then he sings just like the way you'd expect the owner of a baby clothing line who's also an artist to sing. Passionate. Which, once you get used to the mix, it works…

Memphis Lives In Me (sung by David)

…The lyrics to "Memphis" are gorgeous. It's one of David's strong points, moreso even than the band's as a whole, that he can take you on this emotional journey of his choosing. "The blues sing softly in the air / like a Sunday morning prayer /one more drink and you'll see God everywhere" and "like a sad old melody / that tears you up but sets you free" are my favorite lyrics of all time. It's imagery and poetry and it's just beautiful…

Now, go get lost in her words for a few weeks. You won’t be asking WTF if you do.

Her Site: Bon Jovi Song of the Day

Now ya know who Hector Rashbaum is.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cheryl – My Youtube QUEEN!!!


Are you all as much in love with Youtube as I am?

Besides seeing performances I’ve never seen (and man oh man are there lots of those!) there are also the video compilations that people take the time to do.

That brings me to my absolute favorite person on Youtube – Cheryl.

If you know her work – and if you don’t GET THERE NOW! – she’s cheryla541 there.

Just to make really sure you got that it's cheryl a 541 = cheryla541.

I did it twice cause that’s how good she is!

She takes live clips of the Jon and Richie and puts those clips to either their own songs or someone else’s song that matches the mood of the video she’s doing.

Below are some links to a few of my favorites and if you're smart you'll find her name and subscribe so you can get all the new ones she puts out!

Now, get a glass of wine or a cup of tea or whatever your favorite brew is and get ready to get sucked in for the next few hours, days, weeks…

Yeah, they’re that good.

Shake It Jon Bon Jovi

Jon and Richie Our Sweet Emotion

Jon Bon Jovi is a Nasty and Naughty Boy

Jon and Richie Wild Things

I Shiver For Jon Bon Jovi Too

And here is her main page so make sure you subscribe!

P.S. You have NO idea how long it took me to do this! I kept getting distracted.

You will too.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Another Fiction Friday...

Richie Sambora Pictures, Images and Photos

Wow! Sorry...lost my breath with the picture above. You too? Yeah, Richie can do that.

I’m a Richie girl only secondary to being a Jon girl and on some days it’s a real coin toss as to where my affections are gonna fall.

And it’s stories like the following that make me a firm believer in the dark side. We seem to all have this picture in our heads about Richie. He’s funny, goofy, silly, tall, sexy, a moose, and an all around nice guy. We are also sure there is a romantic side of Richie and in the story that follows, Norwichliz has just that Richie Sambora for us.

BLOOD RELATIVES introduces us to Victoria “Tori” Adams, a young woman with a heart of gold and a secret that even she doesn’t know.

Adopted as a child, Tori has registered with the Canadian Children’s Aid Society so she can be notified if her birth relatives look for her. She finds out that they are and for a very specific reason – to save a life.

Putting that life above her own wishes with regard to meeting her birth family, Tori travels to America to undergo the surgery and give the gift of life.

Tori has more to deal with than just surgery as she discovers much more than she bargained for when she finds out just exactly who her BLOOD RELATIVES are.

Click the story name, settle back, and get ready for one of the most engaging stories out there.


* Picture by RichieSamboraGirl21

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Hair…Jon Hates When We Mention The Hair

Too bad, Jon! The hair is to-die-for and you know it. We know you know it. And if you know it, why won’t you listen to us and go back to the blonde? We LOVE the blonde. It reminds us of what most consider our favorite era – The These Days Era and THAT HAIR!

Sweet mother of all the hair gods – that TD hair! It got all wild and sweaty when you were on stage and fell over your eyes in such a way that we all felt our hands reaching out from the audience to brush it back so we could see those eyes. Pure unadulterated sex appeal. It seduced when you let it flow and we succumbed to the siren song when you threw that magnificent throat back and let that hair flow. Thanks to others great shots of this time, here are some photos of TD Jon Bon Jovi and a few with that gorgeous blonde. Feel free to drool at will.







'Nuff said?

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Do you all remember crushes? I’m about to date myself (way lol on that phrase) but I remember my first crush – Donny Osmond. Oh shut the hell up. Who was yours? I was freaking 10, okay? It was that stupid “Puppy Love” song. Now, go play with your doll.

So, that was the first crush, then came *whispers* David Cassidy. God, Im groaning just writing this! And then I turned to “real” boys – and HA! the late 70’s and early 80’s were GREAT! Now hush!

Then came the usual assortment over the years – Sean Connery, Mel Gibson, even Keanu Reeves when he was a puppy (okay, now too, go ahead, drag is out of me!). But, about a year ago I fell deeply into crushdom with Jon Bon Jovi. It’s completely ridiculous, SO 13, and SO MUCH FUN!

Why do we forget that crushes are fun? We aren’t gonna leave our lives, he sure ain’t gonna leave his, but damn, it’s fun! Simple girly, silly, OH MY GOD HE’S GORGEOUS fun.

And these, the pics below, just fuel that fire…





AND ... just gotta throw this one in again...


Oh my...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Moment for the Real...

obama president Pictures, Images and Photos

Many things happen in a lifetime on a personal level…birth, deaths, marriages, divorces. And then there are things that happen on a global level. Historic events that will be remembered and taught long after we’re gone, for generations to come.

Last night, November 4, 2008, the election for the 44th President of the United States was one of those moments.

Whether you were for Obama or against, whether you are Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, male or female, living here or abroad, history was made. History for all of us.

I have never been so proud of my country as I was last night. We triumphed over fear, prejudice, stereotypes, bias, and ignorance.

I remember the first American on the moon, the day the Berlin wall fell, the day the Towers fell, and so many more things that will never be forgotten.

Yesterday will never be forgotten.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Is For Fiction...

One of the things those of us who write fan fiction do is read other authors.
There are a lot of us out there and the stories range from the unintentionally funny
to the completely great. While I won’t identify the “funny” ones,
you will definitely hear from me about the ones I’m following.

For this first peer review, so to speak, I actually drew names out of a hat!
There were just too many good stories!
These will be thrown in here at random, but usually on a Friday.
Links will be included and I can’t encourage you enough, if you haven’t already,
to go check each one out.

By The Fiction Mistress

This is a puppy story so you need to take yourself back to 1979.
Oh what a year 1979 was!

Jimmy Carter was president and faced two major crises
during his administration, the first the invasion of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran
where 90 Americans were taken hostage. The Iran Hostage Crisis quickly led to
the 1979 energy crisis due to an embargo on oil imported from Iran.

The first nuclear plant disaster happened at
Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania when there was a partial meltdown.

Pennsylvania had the worst (Three Mile) and the best that year when both the
Pittsburgh Steelers and the Pittsburgh Pirates
brought home the Super Bowl trophy and the World Series trophy respectively.

China registered 1 billion people and the eradication of smallpox was certified,
the first and only time a human disease was driven to extinction.

It snowed in the Sahara desert for 30 minutes.
Patty Hearst was released from prison.
The Susan B. Anthony dollar was introduced.

Eleven people died in a stampede at the Who concert at the Riverfront Coliseum
(now the U.S. Bank Arena) in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Some well-known people of today were born that year,
including Heath Ledger, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Clair Danes, Kate Hudson, and Pink.

The end of an era arrived with the death of movie great John Wayne
and the music business was shaken by the death of Sid Vicious.

Mother Teresa won the Nobel Peace Prize.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

During this exceptional year a young Jon Bongiovi is entering his final year of high school. He’s already playing in clubs, barely making it to school on time,
and has to repeat his French class or he won’t pass.

The first day of school he meets Michele.
Beautiful, alluring, enticing Michele. And Jon is just lost.
This story takes you way back to that time,
to a younger, less sure “John” who has not yet become the man he is today.

The story asks an essential question:

What if the first person Jon gave his heart to was not Dorothea?

Take the journey with a young John Bongiovi as he travels the path destiny and he were creating. Visit Asbury Park and the Fastlane, cruise The Circuit,
and get inside the mind of a young superstar in love.
See what happens to his life today as a result of decisions long ago.

And to get you in the mood, to take you way back to the beginning of the legend…



Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Once A Beauty...

Beauty. Beautiful. Possessing beauty. Pleasing to the eye.

Fucking gorgeous.

Sorry…that edge of the gutter is veeeery slippery.


Jon Bon Jovi.


Not really a “guy” word, but for this man…it fits.
Oh, he’s masculine, totally a male, but that does not exclude being beautiful.

We all remember him when those first videos came out (the ones he hates so much!) and as much as their music grabbed us by the metaphoric balls and never let go,
his sheer beauty stunned the eye.
Need a reminder?


Look at that face…

Uh, excuse me…there’s more.


This one requires a longer pause…gotta take in all that fur too.


This one *gah* …
oh my god, TD era hair and fur and raw sexual power …
that throat, the line of it, the head back…


And this…this…is there a single millimeter that’s not gorgeous?


All the way through to today.
When he’s even hotter…more masculine (is that possible?), more ruggedly gorgeous.

Just more.

As if what he IS wasn’t enough to get us all into the gutter forever.

I do like the gutter though.

Don't you?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

God I Love Finding Pictures!

So, the other night I’m up late, talking with some Jovi sisters, and we’re exploring everything about Jon and Richie, from hair to lips to chest to abs to “V” to package to thighs to toes. It’s amazing the endless discussions we can have over just one small part of these guys.

And I’m thinking about it and realize that they do something to us…it’s a like a spell, a drug, voodoo magic.

They adorable-ize us.

Stun us with their hotness, stop us dead with their smiles, make us breathe hard when Jon shakes it or Richie plays wearing that Stetson with that way-down-low open shirt.

Charisma drips off these two as easily as sweat when they’re on stage. It oozes up through every pore, stamped into their DNA. And they know it. Oh, hell yes they do. Want proof?


You think Jon didn’t perhaps look in a mirror when he put this on?


Or that this look was completely random?


And I supposed his hand just “fell” there?


And Richie doesn’t know how hot he looks here?


Or that what we really want is him nekkid in JUST that Stetson?


And this…holy shit Richie!…ya had to open those long legs that wide and that welcoming?

Okay, I really need a cold shower now.


Friday, October 17, 2008

When I Meet Him


Going through photobucket and came across this picture and


this picture
of an obviously rather drunken Jon.

The devil on my left shoulder just loves the idea
of running into Jon in this condition.
I think he might be a bit silly and a lot looser
and might actually want to have another drink
and chat a little!

I want to run into THAT Jon instead of THIS Jon


Oh no … no thanks, not the pissed, tired, impatient,
probably slightly hung-over one
in THIS picture!

I want the one with potential…

Monday, October 13, 2008

Day Two

Been thinking a lot lately for some reason about being
a “fan” versus a “fanatic”.

Like all of you, I’ve made friends here through Jovi sites that I email or talk online with or even *yes!* talk with on the phone.

And sure, at first it starts out almost all Bon Jovi, but then it drifts into real life as we begin to trust each other more.

We share real names, real locations, real information.
And this got me to wondering … am I just getting lucky in the people that I’ve met or are we fans, not fanatics?

There are some Jovi songs I don’t like, others I’m ‘meh’ about, and others that send me through the roof
with shivers of rock and roll joy.

Do you feel the same?

Of the friends you’ve made, have you been lucky
or was there at least one
(no names please)
that just sent the WRONG kind of shivers through you?
Sure would like to know.

* * * * *


I just love “candid” shots of Jon. Not sure if this is exactly that, but those shots at least show him as “real”.
And, honestly, the man is gorgeous.
Just freaking gorgeous.
Love the smile in this pic.


Since The Fiction Mistress does a theme of the week,
I’m hoping to persuade her that we need a PUPPY WEEK.
Hell, we could probably do a puppy MONTH!

For those of us who lived THROUGH the 80’s
we can remember all the fun we had.
For you out there who are STILL puppies?
Well, you can see once again what ya missed!
See? Being “older” ain’t so bad …

And seriously...

Could Richie be any hotter than when he wears that Stetson?

*** THUD ***

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fits and Starts

So, I wake up this morning after another night of shit sleep (that makes five now) and what am I thinking about? This picture - found it late last night.


OH my...

Is it the stomach? That chest? That V pointing down to the always oh-so-tight jeans? Or that line of fur leading down, down, down ... not sure, but even in my fractured sleep last night this seemed to be percolating.

As The Fiction Mistress, Mrs. Sam, might say ... Mr. Sun is gonna be a happy man.

Wonder if he knows what he owes to Jon?

* * * * *
So, it's now 2:16 in the morning and yes...another sleepless night. I've been typing so much lately I'm actually getting hand cramps! WTF is that?

The Fiction Mistress needs "package" pictures. Damn! Now THAT'S just asking too much. You mean I have to go through just HUNDREDS of pictures looking at Jon's "package" so I can send the best of the best?

She's going to be doing this all week. It's gonna be a bloody brilliant week and I expect to be dead by Friday. I may be dead tonight after going through those pictures.

Hell. The things we do for friends.

And Jovi's Willow has that great David fiction she's asking for an idea or two on her blogspot. This story is a MUST READ for any Jovi fan, but you David girls are gonna love it!

Who doesn't adore a love that's lost and found?

* * * * *

So ... about that video bar I added at the top left of the page.

The first one is what I'm so enchanted with right now. The crowd is SO FREAKING LOUD and the guys are SO pleased with what they're hearing that I feel like I'm there. It's worth a click.

Now it's 3:42 AM - AM I EVER GOING TO SLEEP ???

Blogger is making me nuts right now. I'm trying set up all this STUFF and I SUCK at computers and nothing is going right and the spaces aren't spaced and the font changes and I can't add what I want and ... oh shit, a full on temper tantrum there. Sorry.

Completely Random Nothingness…And Perhaps a Bit More

While I don’t pretend to have half the talent of some of the fiction writers on the internet, I can certainly recognize a good idea when I see one…and then “borrow” it for my own! Okay, okay, STEAL it – sheesh – and try to have some fun with it.

So if this seems a little familiar - well, The Fiction Mistress, Jovi's Willow, and The Goddess Hathor probably thought of it first. I liked it and decided to try.

Therefore without further ado and no fanfare whatsoever – here are, well, thoughts. Bits of random nothingness. If you wanna read this – thanks! If not, I’ll try to do better!


P.S. You can expect to have any entry updated at any time. I hate being tied to a schedule for silly tid-bits so I may change or add to an entry. Check if you want or feel free to blow it off.

Where Are You?