Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Once A Beauty...

Beauty. Beautiful. Possessing beauty. Pleasing to the eye.

Fucking gorgeous.

Sorry…that edge of the gutter is veeeery slippery.


Jon Bon Jovi.


Not really a “guy” word, but for this man…it fits.
Oh, he’s masculine, totally a male, but that does not exclude being beautiful.

We all remember him when those first videos came out (the ones he hates so much!) and as much as their music grabbed us by the metaphoric balls and never let go,
his sheer beauty stunned the eye.
Need a reminder?


Look at that face…

Uh, excuse me…there’s more.


This one requires a longer pause…gotta take in all that fur too.


This one *gah* …
oh my god, TD era hair and fur and raw sexual power …
that throat, the line of it, the head back…


And this…this…is there a single millimeter that’s not gorgeous?


All the way through to today.
When he’s even hotter…more masculine (is that possible?), more ruggedly gorgeous.

Just more.

As if what he IS wasn’t enough to get us all into the gutter forever.

I do like the gutter though.

Don't you?


Anonymous said...


I fucking LOVE the gutter, Sun.

Ya know, I was never that into the puppy. Looking back through a woman's eyes (rather than the sorority princess I was at that time) I can appreciate it more. And yeah, he looks hot TD-era, but there is NO comparison to the magnificence of him present-day. I mean, that last pic? Good GOD. Is there a more perfect-looking man than that?

I think not.

Faithfully Yours,
The Fiction Mistress

Big Apple Jovi Girl said...

Having a hard time breathing ... OMG ... Jonny thru the ages ... ahhhhhhh. I personally love the TD era ... but really, I'm not picky. I'll take anything you got!

Bayaderra said...

Gutter is a beautifull place to be! Especially with friends like my Jovi sistas ;)
As for the pictures, I'm with the Mistress, Jon always looked good, no matter what age you pick, but now he is F-ng MAGNIFICENT!!!! *wiping drool*

Shelly said...

yeah. what bayderra says!! LOL!!

Opester said...

I liked the puppy look and the BOG hair, but the TD hair...OMFG...I need a mop to wipe up the drool (seriously amazing pics there kiddo-even ones I didn't have!)
I've loved all of Jon's looks with the exception of DA and currently (the short hair doesn't even turn my head one iota) but my favorite, even beyond TD, has got to be HAND. That did it and turned me into Jon's slave for life. He is frozen in time in my mind as I've never seen anyone look more appealing or perfect than he did during HAND. I've been grieving ever since he got that wretched hair cut and I boycotted the last tour because I couldn't bear the return of the DA hair...waaaaaaaa!

Sun, thanks so much for the trip down memory least we can all have our Jonny...there's a look there for everyone, LOL!!!!!!!


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