Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Is For Fiction...

One of the things those of us who write fan fiction do is read other authors.
There are a lot of us out there and the stories range from the unintentionally funny
to the completely great. While I won’t identify the “funny” ones,
you will definitely hear from me about the ones I’m following.

For this first peer review, so to speak, I actually drew names out of a hat!
There were just too many good stories!
These will be thrown in here at random, but usually on a Friday.
Links will be included and I can’t encourage you enough, if you haven’t already,
to go check each one out.

By The Fiction Mistress

This is a puppy story so you need to take yourself back to 1979.
Oh what a year 1979 was!

Jimmy Carter was president and faced two major crises
during his administration, the first the invasion of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran
where 90 Americans were taken hostage. The Iran Hostage Crisis quickly led to
the 1979 energy crisis due to an embargo on oil imported from Iran.

The first nuclear plant disaster happened at
Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania when there was a partial meltdown.

Pennsylvania had the worst (Three Mile) and the best that year when both the
Pittsburgh Steelers and the Pittsburgh Pirates
brought home the Super Bowl trophy and the World Series trophy respectively.

China registered 1 billion people and the eradication of smallpox was certified,
the first and only time a human disease was driven to extinction.

It snowed in the Sahara desert for 30 minutes.
Patty Hearst was released from prison.
The Susan B. Anthony dollar was introduced.

Eleven people died in a stampede at the Who concert at the Riverfront Coliseum
(now the U.S. Bank Arena) in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Some well-known people of today were born that year,
including Heath Ledger, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Clair Danes, Kate Hudson, and Pink.

The end of an era arrived with the death of movie great John Wayne
and the music business was shaken by the death of Sid Vicious.

Mother Teresa won the Nobel Peace Prize.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

During this exceptional year a young Jon Bongiovi is entering his final year of high school. He’s already playing in clubs, barely making it to school on time,
and has to repeat his French class or he won’t pass.

The first day of school he meets Michele.
Beautiful, alluring, enticing Michele. And Jon is just lost.
This story takes you way back to that time,
to a younger, less sure “John” who has not yet become the man he is today.

The story asks an essential question:

What if the first person Jon gave his heart to was not Dorothea?

Take the journey with a young John Bongiovi as he travels the path destiny and he were creating. Visit Asbury Park and the Fastlane, cruise The Circuit,
and get inside the mind of a young superstar in love.
See what happens to his life today as a result of decisions long ago.

And to get you in the mood, to take you way back to the beginning of the legend…



Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Once A Beauty...

Beauty. Beautiful. Possessing beauty. Pleasing to the eye.

Fucking gorgeous.

Sorry…that edge of the gutter is veeeery slippery.


Jon Bon Jovi.


Not really a “guy” word, but for this man…it fits.
Oh, he’s masculine, totally a male, but that does not exclude being beautiful.

We all remember him when those first videos came out (the ones he hates so much!) and as much as their music grabbed us by the metaphoric balls and never let go,
his sheer beauty stunned the eye.
Need a reminder?


Look at that face…

Uh, excuse me…there’s more.


This one requires a longer pause…gotta take in all that fur too.


This one *gah* …
oh my god, TD era hair and fur and raw sexual power …
that throat, the line of it, the head back…


And this…this…is there a single millimeter that’s not gorgeous?


All the way through to today.
When he’s even hotter…more masculine (is that possible?), more ruggedly gorgeous.

Just more.

As if what he IS wasn’t enough to get us all into the gutter forever.

I do like the gutter though.

Don't you?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

God I Love Finding Pictures!

So, the other night I’m up late, talking with some Jovi sisters, and we’re exploring everything about Jon and Richie, from hair to lips to chest to abs to “V” to package to thighs to toes. It’s amazing the endless discussions we can have over just one small part of these guys.

And I’m thinking about it and realize that they do something to us…it’s a like a spell, a drug, voodoo magic.

They adorable-ize us.

Stun us with their hotness, stop us dead with their smiles, make us breathe hard when Jon shakes it or Richie plays wearing that Stetson with that way-down-low open shirt.

Charisma drips off these two as easily as sweat when they’re on stage. It oozes up through every pore, stamped into their DNA. And they know it. Oh, hell yes they do. Want proof?


You think Jon didn’t perhaps look in a mirror when he put this on?


Or that this look was completely random?


And I supposed his hand just “fell” there?


And Richie doesn’t know how hot he looks here?


Or that what we really want is him nekkid in JUST that Stetson?


And this…holy shit Richie!…ya had to open those long legs that wide and that welcoming?

Okay, I really need a cold shower now.


Friday, October 17, 2008

When I Meet Him


Going through photobucket and came across this picture and


this picture
of an obviously rather drunken Jon.

The devil on my left shoulder just loves the idea
of running into Jon in this condition.
I think he might be a bit silly and a lot looser
and might actually want to have another drink
and chat a little!

I want to run into THAT Jon instead of THIS Jon


Oh no … no thanks, not the pissed, tired, impatient,
probably slightly hung-over one
in THIS picture!

I want the one with potential…

Monday, October 13, 2008

Day Two

Been thinking a lot lately for some reason about being
a “fan” versus a “fanatic”.

Like all of you, I’ve made friends here through Jovi sites that I email or talk online with or even *yes!* talk with on the phone.

And sure, at first it starts out almost all Bon Jovi, but then it drifts into real life as we begin to trust each other more.

We share real names, real locations, real information.
And this got me to wondering … am I just getting lucky in the people that I’ve met or are we fans, not fanatics?

There are some Jovi songs I don’t like, others I’m ‘meh’ about, and others that send me through the roof
with shivers of rock and roll joy.

Do you feel the same?

Of the friends you’ve made, have you been lucky
or was there at least one
(no names please)
that just sent the WRONG kind of shivers through you?
Sure would like to know.

* * * * *


I just love “candid” shots of Jon. Not sure if this is exactly that, but those shots at least show him as “real”.
And, honestly, the man is gorgeous.
Just freaking gorgeous.
Love the smile in this pic.


Since The Fiction Mistress does a theme of the week,
I’m hoping to persuade her that we need a PUPPY WEEK.
Hell, we could probably do a puppy MONTH!

For those of us who lived THROUGH the 80’s
we can remember all the fun we had.
For you out there who are STILL puppies?
Well, you can see once again what ya missed!
See? Being “older” ain’t so bad …

And seriously...

Could Richie be any hotter than when he wears that Stetson?

*** THUD ***

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fits and Starts

So, I wake up this morning after another night of shit sleep (that makes five now) and what am I thinking about? This picture - found it late last night.


OH my...

Is it the stomach? That chest? That V pointing down to the always oh-so-tight jeans? Or that line of fur leading down, down, down ... not sure, but even in my fractured sleep last night this seemed to be percolating.

As The Fiction Mistress, Mrs. Sam, might say ... Mr. Sun is gonna be a happy man.

Wonder if he knows what he owes to Jon?

* * * * *
So, it's now 2:16 in the morning and yes...another sleepless night. I've been typing so much lately I'm actually getting hand cramps! WTF is that?

The Fiction Mistress needs "package" pictures. Damn! Now THAT'S just asking too much. You mean I have to go through just HUNDREDS of pictures looking at Jon's "package" so I can send the best of the best?

She's going to be doing this all week. It's gonna be a bloody brilliant week and I expect to be dead by Friday. I may be dead tonight after going through those pictures.

Hell. The things we do for friends.

And Jovi's Willow has that great David fiction she's asking for an idea or two on her blogspot. This story is a MUST READ for any Jovi fan, but you David girls are gonna love it!

Who doesn't adore a love that's lost and found?

* * * * *

So ... about that video bar I added at the top left of the page.

The first one is what I'm so enchanted with right now. The crowd is SO FREAKING LOUD and the guys are SO pleased with what they're hearing that I feel like I'm there. It's worth a click.

Now it's 3:42 AM - AM I EVER GOING TO SLEEP ???

Blogger is making me nuts right now. I'm trying set up all this STUFF and I SUCK at computers and nothing is going right and the spaces aren't spaced and the font changes and I can't add what I want and ... oh shit, a full on temper tantrum there. Sorry.

Completely Random Nothingness…And Perhaps a Bit More

While I don’t pretend to have half the talent of some of the fiction writers on the internet, I can certainly recognize a good idea when I see one…and then “borrow” it for my own! Okay, okay, STEAL it – sheesh – and try to have some fun with it.

So if this seems a little familiar - well, The Fiction Mistress, Jovi's Willow, and The Goddess Hathor probably thought of it first. I liked it and decided to try.

Therefore without further ado and no fanfare whatsoever – here are, well, thoughts. Bits of random nothingness. If you wanna read this – thanks! If not, I’ll try to do better!


P.S. You can expect to have any entry updated at any time. I hate being tied to a schedule for silly tid-bits so I may change or add to an entry. Check if you want or feel free to blow it off.

Where Are You?