Monday, October 13, 2008

Day Two

Been thinking a lot lately for some reason about being
a “fan” versus a “fanatic”.

Like all of you, I’ve made friends here through Jovi sites that I email or talk online with or even *yes!* talk with on the phone.

And sure, at first it starts out almost all Bon Jovi, but then it drifts into real life as we begin to trust each other more.

We share real names, real locations, real information.
And this got me to wondering … am I just getting lucky in the people that I’ve met or are we fans, not fanatics?

There are some Jovi songs I don’t like, others I’m ‘meh’ about, and others that send me through the roof
with shivers of rock and roll joy.

Do you feel the same?

Of the friends you’ve made, have you been lucky
or was there at least one
(no names please)
that just sent the WRONG kind of shivers through you?
Sure would like to know.

* * * * *


I just love “candid” shots of Jon. Not sure if this is exactly that, but those shots at least show him as “real”.
And, honestly, the man is gorgeous.
Just freaking gorgeous.
Love the smile in this pic.


Since The Fiction Mistress does a theme of the week,
I’m hoping to persuade her that we need a PUPPY WEEK.
Hell, we could probably do a puppy MONTH!

For those of us who lived THROUGH the 80’s
we can remember all the fun we had.
For you out there who are STILL puppies?
Well, you can see once again what ya missed!
See? Being “older” ain’t so bad …

And seriously...

Could Richie be any hotter than when he wears that Stetson?

*** THUD ***


Bayaderra said...

Hey "Sun"!
Have to say, I've been lucky so far... No shivers what so ever!!!
Now, to that puppy pic...YUMMY...that double serving of meat is making my mouth water...*slurp*

Shelly said...

Yes puppy week!!

I should e-mail her too and bother her w/that...

The more inspiration I get for Stay the better..


Anonymous said...

No persuading necessary, ladies, I'm happy to have a puppy week some time.

I didn't fully appreciate the puppy back then, when the arrogance rolled off of him in waves. I wouldn't have given him the time of day. Now I'm finding my puppy love tho, and it certainly is inspiring for my puppy story. I've been thinking about that one a lot this week for some reason - I think y'all will like the direction it's gonna take.

As for the freaks, I totally get what your'e saying Sun. There's definitely a person or two out there I've run across that I can say I wouldn't be friends with in RL.

But that's what it comes down to -- I tend to gravitate toward the fans who actually have a LIFE and it doesn't revolve around Jovi. This is just a fun, harmless hobby for me. And yeah, i think some of their music SUCKS. :) Those who say it's "all about the music" are smoking crack. It's only partially about the music. If they looked like trolls, we wouldn't be here, would we?

Big Apple Jovi Girl said...

I have met some absolutely amazing people as a result of this "Jovi thing."

But, yes ... I have met some ... let's just say ... not-so-friendly people as well. There are also some who get really competitive about their knowledge of the band, how many times they've met them, etc.

In the end, each of us has had their own experience with the music, the concerts, the guys and their influence on our lives. Sometimes I wish people would just embrace that and be happy.

PS I'm totally with y'all on puppy week!!


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