Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fits and Starts

So, I wake up this morning after another night of shit sleep (that makes five now) and what am I thinking about? This picture - found it late last night.


OH my...

Is it the stomach? That chest? That V pointing down to the always oh-so-tight jeans? Or that line of fur leading down, down, down ... not sure, but even in my fractured sleep last night this seemed to be percolating.

As The Fiction Mistress, Mrs. Sam, might say ... Mr. Sun is gonna be a happy man.

Wonder if he knows what he owes to Jon?

* * * * *
So, it's now 2:16 in the morning and yes...another sleepless night. I've been typing so much lately I'm actually getting hand cramps! WTF is that?

The Fiction Mistress needs "package" pictures. Damn! Now THAT'S just asking too much. You mean I have to go through just HUNDREDS of pictures looking at Jon's "package" so I can send the best of the best?

She's going to be doing this all week. It's gonna be a bloody brilliant week and I expect to be dead by Friday. I may be dead tonight after going through those pictures.

Hell. The things we do for friends.

And Jovi's Willow has that great David fiction she's asking for an idea or two on her blogspot. This story is a MUST READ for any Jovi fan, but you David girls are gonna love it!

Who doesn't adore a love that's lost and found?

* * * * *

So ... about that video bar I added at the top left of the page.

The first one is what I'm so enchanted with right now. The crowd is SO FREAKING LOUD and the guys are SO pleased with what they're hearing that I feel like I'm there. It's worth a click.

Now it's 3:42 AM - AM I EVER GOING TO SLEEP ???

Blogger is making me nuts right now. I'm trying set up all this STUFF and I SUCK at computers and nothing is going right and the spaces aren't spaced and the font changes and I can't add what I want and ... oh shit, a full on temper tantrum there. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

It's all of it Sun. It's the chest, the fur, the perfect nipples that I so wanna tease, the V (oh God, the V), the belt buckle, the fact that he's such a fucking tease --remember when he did this and then dropped to his knees and leaned back soooo far and you could see every defined muscle in that perfect abdomen flexing and *shiver*.

It's really rough going through all those photos, I know, but how else is a Mistress gonna build her pic files? Y'all had a head start on me! :)


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