Tuesday, October 28, 2008

God I Love Finding Pictures!

So, the other night I’m up late, talking with some Jovi sisters, and we’re exploring everything about Jon and Richie, from hair to lips to chest to abs to “V” to package to thighs to toes. It’s amazing the endless discussions we can have over just one small part of these guys.

And I’m thinking about it and realize that they do something to us…it’s a like a spell, a drug, voodoo magic.

They adorable-ize us.

Stun us with their hotness, stop us dead with their smiles, make us breathe hard when Jon shakes it or Richie plays wearing that Stetson with that way-down-low open shirt.

Charisma drips off these two as easily as sweat when they’re on stage. It oozes up through every pore, stamped into their DNA. And they know it. Oh, hell yes they do. Want proof?


You think Jon didn’t perhaps look in a mirror when he put this on?


Or that this look was completely random?


And I supposed his hand just “fell” there?


And Richie doesn’t know how hot he looks here?


Or that what we really want is him nekkid in JUST that Stetson?


And this…holy shit Richie!…ya had to open those long legs that wide and that welcoming?

Okay, I really need a cold shower now.



Anonymous said...

Well, fuck me standing Sun, you just HAD to go and do that right before I have to leave for a work dinner, damn you!

Ya know, even if R doesn't want to bare it all for us (with the Stetson), I think we'd all be very interested in seeing him wear pants as tight as Jon's. Just imagine the details we might see, the contours, the shape...*pulls self forcibly from gutter.*

Faithfully yours,
The Fiction Mistress

Bayaderra said...

OK Sun, I survived the 1st picture of the package, but the second one, with the tongue did me in! please send paramedics...I need CPR...Oxygen...Richie...David...Jon..

AliceFayeNC said...

whoa momma! **THud** someone come get me off the floor I can't reach the damn keys anymore


Shelly said...

omfg richie!! LMAO!!!

okay. i'm playing catchup!!!


Oh yeah and of course Jon doesn't look too bad either.


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