Friday, October 17, 2008

When I Meet Him


Going through photobucket and came across this picture and


this picture
of an obviously rather drunken Jon.

The devil on my left shoulder just loves the idea
of running into Jon in this condition.
I think he might be a bit silly and a lot looser
and might actually want to have another drink
and chat a little!

I want to run into THAT Jon instead of THIS Jon


Oh no … no thanks, not the pissed, tired, impatient,
probably slightly hung-over one
in THIS picture!

I want the one with potential…


Bayaderra said...

Hmmm, definetly do not want to meet pissed off Jon! Drunk Jon on the other hand may not be functioning to his full capability...heeheehee....
Nope, Jon I'd LOVE to meet is a horny Jon! *OK, time to get my mind out of the gutter*

Anonymous said...

Yeah, PursedLips!Jon is not the guy for me. Drunk!Jon could be fun, and I think he'd find me fun to party with, but my fave is still RealSmile!Jon. Nothing like that being directed at you.

Oh but I also want him to have his shirt unbuttoned like the second pic -- the sight of all that lovely fur just makes my mouth water and my fingertips itch, if ya know what i mean. :)


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