Sunday, October 12, 2008

Completely Random Nothingness…And Perhaps a Bit More

While I don’t pretend to have half the talent of some of the fiction writers on the internet, I can certainly recognize a good idea when I see one…and then “borrow” it for my own! Okay, okay, STEAL it – sheesh – and try to have some fun with it.

So if this seems a little familiar - well, The Fiction Mistress, Jovi's Willow, and The Goddess Hathor probably thought of it first. I liked it and decided to try.

Therefore without further ado and no fanfare whatsoever – here are, well, thoughts. Bits of random nothingness. If you wanna read this – thanks! If not, I’ll try to do better!


P.S. You can expect to have any entry updated at any time. I hate being tied to a schedule for silly tid-bits so I may change or add to an entry. Check if you want or feel free to blow it off.


Bayaderra said...

Hi Carole!
Found ya finally!

Shelly said...

oh this rocks!!!

Good idea hon!!!

Looking forward to reading more of random nothingness.

AliceFayeNC said...

wrote my first fan fiction when I stayed awake for three days back in the 70's. Yeah I am hell of alot older.

ramblings are fun to read unless you've been there done that. but love the blog.



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