Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jonny Are Ya Glad to See Us?


So…another late night last night for me. As The Fiction Mistress would say, hubby was in satisfaction coma and mama was here on the ‘puter, trying to write and mostly succeeding, and oh so thankful for my late night Yahoo chat buddies – Siara and Neen and Melissa and Willow and Nzjbjfan (you work way hard girl!).

Of course there's also AliceFaye and Bayaderra and BedofRoses, but unlike us night owls, these ladies actually manage to get some sleep on a regular basis!

And then there's Samantha herself when she’s got a few. Don’t ya love her pics of where she gets to stay while doing her job?

And don’t ya just know that someday, someway, His Royal Hotness himself is gonna be in one of those fancy hotel rooms, just down the hall. Oh Mistress! Will you be able to contain yourself? One would certainly hope not!

I’m doing a lot of story tweaking right now and had a couple of short chapters so I posted two today on John Francis.

And, as a teaser, ‘cause I’m not yet ready to post, there’s a new story in the works and pretty soon I’m gonna introduce you to Jon and Mel.

Also, have been tossing the idea around of adding another sequel to The Plane. I feel a certain mood coming on, the mood I need to write that story and it’s sitting on the devil side of my shoulders, whispering dirty words in my ear. I’m starting to listen harder.

Oh? That picture above? Well...shit.

What do YOU use for inspiration?


Have another Youtube for you. Why oh why can’t I run into Jon when he’s had a few? He’s just so damn cute!

Bon Jovi – Vancouver 87

And I happen to love this song, so it was way easy to watch this compilation video and listen ‘cause there’s lotsa kissin’ and lotsa dancin’:

Bon Jovi – Put the Boy Back in Cowboy

Welllllllllll…I now feel re-inspired…gotta go…gotta breathe…lordy, lordy.


Anonymous said...

I would love to read a sequel of The Plane!! Loved that story!!
Greatings from Austria

Shelly said...


More, more, more!!!!

I loved the Plane!!!



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