Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bashing Bon Jovi ?


So…been thinking the last few days about the fan club brouhaha and how reading all the complaints on Anthony Kuzminski's blog made me feel.




I love this band. I love their music. I love the guys.

For about a gazillion years they’ve retained the charm of “just some guys from Jersey” and I’m probably not the only one who’s loved them for that.

Sure, they’re rich as hell and I don’t begrudge them one penny, but they never went “diva”.

I’m proud of their charitable efforts, their involvement in activities far outside what most might think of “rock stars”, how they give back in so many ways.

I appreciate how approachable they are and how they almost always have a smile for their fans even if they don’t have a moment to stop for that picture or that autograph.

They don’t need to be perfect, but they are better than this.

And that’s where the disappointment comes in, the sadness, and the frustration.

Let me say it again – I LOVE THIS BAND!

Bon Jovi isn’t Gun N’Roses – they don’t disrespect their fans by appearing late at concerts, canceling, no-showing, causing riots.

This is Bon Jovi – THE BEST live show ever.

We’re here for the guys, the band, and their music.

Just “treat us right” Jon.

And “we’ll be there for you”.


Because you’re better than this.

You’re just some guys from Jersey.



Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Shelly said...

Me either Melissa.

Me either.

Rachel Snyder said...

I think the fact that they do have such a solid history of respecting their fans is why this whole issue with the FC has become such a big deal. If Anthony's blog had replaced "Jon Bon Jovi" with "Axl Rose," I think most people would have just shrugged and moved on. Oh well, I never really considered joining the FC, and while I hope that the members of the band generally live up to their nice-guy reps, I buy their albums for their songs, not their personalities.

Maryann said...

To the original post, well said!


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