Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tico! Tico! Tico!

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I admit it.

Tico Torres is hot.

Watching him in concert or on a DVD and seeing that smile.

I start grinning too.

Somehow, after all these years, he still looks like he’s having the time of his life.

Watching him play and seeing interviews, you get the sense that this is a man who doesn’t let too much in life get him down. He just seems to have this serene quality to him, with passion simmering beneath the surface. Passion that explodes when he gets behind a drum set.

Truthfully, I don’t know that much about the man’s personal life but I’d like to think it could be a lot like this.

For The Love of Tico

By Joviswoman

It starts out at a concert where one woman at least is not paying attention to either His Royal Hotness or The King of Swing. She has eyes only for one man. What happens next is pretty much guaranteed to have you laughing out loud and reading as fast as your finger can hit the next post button.

There are a lot of chapters there and you can read til ya can’t see. Grab a glass of wine and settle back all comfy in your chair and then hang on. Don’t mind when people wonder what the heck you’re laughing about. You know. They can read it later.

Image by love_the_jovi_80


The Goddess Hathor said...

This was great, Sun. Tico is underappreciated out here in fandom :) I'm just as guilty as everyone else in not giving the sexy Cubano a chance to grow on me THAT WAY. lol

And oh, BTW, you popped on my "Tico Torres" Google Alert today....

~ Hath


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