Thursday, December 11, 2008



You all probably know that the Bon Jovi part of the internet has been exploding the last few days in response to the blog entry by Anthony Kuzminski, a Chicago writer on the antiMusic Network and The Screen Door.

If you haven’t read it yet, it’s here at The Screen Door.

A short week ago I asked for info about the Fan Club as I was debating whether or not to join. Considering what’s happened since this article came out, I’m not surprised so few responded to that request.

People have been banned from the Fan Club.

For speaking their mind.

For voicing their concerns.

For linking to The Screen Door blog.

So far, administration at the Fan Club (helloooooo Matt ?) have been silent except for use of the delete key for threads that dare expose the dark underbelly of this beast and the “BANNED” response for members, some long term, who have posted this information.


Are you that insecure Jon? So insecure that you can’t even leave up threads that might speak against something that is going on in your own fan club?
What are you afraid of?
Can't you handle the truth?

You’ve got fans from the early to mid-80’s who are STILL fans of the band. We buy the CDs, the DVDs, the shirts, and the concert tickets.

We play the music in our cars, our iPods (Jovi-pods), our offices, and in our homes.

We’re pissed that you weren’t nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

We think the band deserves Grammy’s and every other award out there and we vote for those when we can.

So…what do you owe us?

For the average fan, not in the fan club, not a damn thing. We pays our money and gets our ticket.

For those in YOUR fan club…well, the letter wishing the fans Happy Holidays is a good start.

But…it ain’t enough, Jon.

Not nearly enough.

You seem to be one of the most saavy public relations people out there – so why are you fucking this up?

We all KNOW you have your finger in every pie, so we all KNOW you are aware of the problems with YOUR fan club.

Whatcha gonna do, Jon?

Are you the quarterback or not?

Fix this, Jon.


Shame on you.


Amanda said...

I too considered joining the fan club, but the fifty dollar initial fee and the prices for the premium seats deterred me real quick. For my first BJ concert this past tour I paid $65 through Ticket Master for my side view seat, and while it wasn't on the floor and I didn't get sweat dripped on me by the man himself I enjoyed the show from where my seat was. I had a clear view - I could make out Richie's biceps quite well - and didn't have to shell out what I consider a chunk of change, or deal with the apparent grief the fan club causes. So from what I hear the apocalypse is coming if Ticket Master trumps the 'deals' of a fan club

Big Apple Jovi Girl said...

Well written, Sun. As we've talked about, I've been a fan club member forever.

I am saddened that this is what the club has now come to - people being banned and the constant deletion of threads.

Jon knows exactly what is going on - and it IS his responsibility to fix this. It reflects very poorly on him ... but, does he care? Sometimes I truly wonder.

I am not sure how he can talk about the economy hitting everyone hard and then letting someone (and his brother, no less) treat his fans like this and charge $250 tickets to fan club members.

Its hard to not want to see them live because they are so damn good ... but how long are we all willing to put up with this? What will the final breaking point be?


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