Monday, December 15, 2008

Russian Bon Jovi?

So…a lot of us who write and blog have these little map things at the bottom of our pages.

You might have noticed.

They’re fun for us because while we might not know who you are, it’s way cool to see the countries out there who share a love of Bon Jovi.

And this got me thinking.

Where is Russia?

I mean, I guess I can understand Antarctica not being there…only about 5,000 people and only during the “summer” there starting in November…and most of those may be men…although if I was there I sure would wanna heat up a little by reading some good Bon Jovi stories!

However, since it IS Antarctica, I guess they get a pass.

But where the heck are the Russian Jovi fans?

I know they’re out there. Is it cause Bon Jovi hasn’t been there in forever?

Has it been too long?

If you know anybody there or know somebody who knows somebody.

Will you ask?
And yes, Ms. Bayaderra, I know Russia is a country not a continent! But it is WAY huge!


Have a few Youtubes for you today. If you’ve seen them, enjoy them again. If not, grab a glass of wine and take a look at our boys.

Richie Sambora – In It For Love

Gorgeous! Man and song – Just GORGEOUS!

Bon Jovi Good Lovin’ Bad Medicine Philly 2005

OH MY GOD! Could this man be any sexier? I don’t think so!

Bon Jovi - It’s My Life

This one just stuns me! The crowd – SO LOUD – even the guys seem amazed. Was anybody there for that concert?

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Big Apple Jovi Girl said...

Yes! Yes! I was at that MSG concert ... it was fantastic ... well, except for Richie slicing his finger open. The whole show was that loud ... you should have heard Prayer - heck, the guys could have gone out for a pizza - they didn't even need to sing. ;-)

It was an amazing night ... I think one of my faves of that whole tour. It just didn't end - so many encores. I remember them playing The Radio ... and Jon did this whole little talk about all the shows they had done at the Garden.

One of "those" concerts ... legendary.

Bayaderra said...

LOL! Sun, do I need to give you a geography lesson?!?!?! Russia is the huge country spanning the northen regions of both Europe and Asia. And Yes they do know and love Bon Jovi there! As a matter of fact I know 2 fan clubs based in Moscow and St Petersburg. And there is even a cover band called "Wanted Alive" that performs in Moscow night clubs and guess whose cover hits they sing?!?!?! If you are interested check out and stop by and say "privet".


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