Tuesday, December 9, 2008

That Old Black Magic - Lust !


So…occasionally I have to take myself outta the world of Jovi.

Take a break.


When Jon starts feeling like a husband (sorry dear) I need to back away.

Until once again I start experiencing those feelings. The “oh my god” rush when I watch a video or see pictures or hear his voice in an interview.

Or that laugh.

Does he have a great laugh or what?

When that smile of his again makes me smile, I know those feelings are back.

Pictures like the one at the top and the one below start to do it.


So I take those feelings and use them to write.

Most of you probably know I also write fan fiction. Some of you may be reading it. The longer of my stories, John Francis, started out from an idea that just wouldn’t leave me alone. Every night when I went to bed story lines and dialog ran through my head until I just started writing.


THAT was a first.

No short stories before this for me, no other fictions at that time,
just an idea and being willing to take a chance.

Perhaps I would embarrass myself.

Perhaps it would totally suck.

Perhaps I would fall flat on my face.

But I took a chance.

At times over the last several months, Jon has become too familiar
and that’s when I’ve needed to step back and let him entice me again.

So…what does all this mean and why mention it?

Because it you are reading and you wonder where I go occasionally, that’s where.
Just giving the man a chance to make me need a panty change again.

He’s pretty good that way.





Where Are You?