Monday, November 17, 2008

Cheryl – My Youtube QUEEN!!!


Are you all as much in love with Youtube as I am?

Besides seeing performances I’ve never seen (and man oh man are there lots of those!) there are also the video compilations that people take the time to do.

That brings me to my absolute favorite person on Youtube – Cheryl.

If you know her work – and if you don’t GET THERE NOW! – she’s cheryla541 there.

Just to make really sure you got that it's cheryl a 541 = cheryla541.

I did it twice cause that’s how good she is!

She takes live clips of the Jon and Richie and puts those clips to either their own songs or someone else’s song that matches the mood of the video she’s doing.

Below are some links to a few of my favorites and if you're smart you'll find her name and subscribe so you can get all the new ones she puts out!

Now, get a glass of wine or a cup of tea or whatever your favorite brew is and get ready to get sucked in for the next few hours, days, weeks…

Yeah, they’re that good.

Shake It Jon Bon Jovi

Jon and Richie Our Sweet Emotion

Jon Bon Jovi is a Nasty and Naughty Boy

Jon and Richie Wild Things

I Shiver For Jon Bon Jovi Too

And here is her main page so make sure you subscribe!

P.S. You have NO idea how long it took me to do this! I kept getting distracted.

You will too.


cheryla541 said...

Thanks for putting me in your thoughts of complete randomness babe! hahaha Love ya Sun! And thanks for being my advertiser I love ya for it and I of course love your stories! Keep up the great work and make sure you check out my new videos hun! BTW thanks for being sooooooo good to us and posting these last couple of chapters of John Francis so quick. Thanks for all you do lovely. Love ya!

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