Friday, November 14, 2008

Another Fiction Friday...

Richie Sambora Pictures, Images and Photos

Wow! Sorry...lost my breath with the picture above. You too? Yeah, Richie can do that.

I’m a Richie girl only secondary to being a Jon girl and on some days it’s a real coin toss as to where my affections are gonna fall.

And it’s stories like the following that make me a firm believer in the dark side. We seem to all have this picture in our heads about Richie. He’s funny, goofy, silly, tall, sexy, a moose, and an all around nice guy. We are also sure there is a romantic side of Richie and in the story that follows, Norwichliz has just that Richie Sambora for us.

BLOOD RELATIVES introduces us to Victoria “Tori” Adams, a young woman with a heart of gold and a secret that even she doesn’t know.

Adopted as a child, Tori has registered with the Canadian Children’s Aid Society so she can be notified if her birth relatives look for her. She finds out that they are and for a very specific reason – to save a life.

Putting that life above her own wishes with regard to meeting her birth family, Tori travels to America to undergo the surgery and give the gift of life.

Tori has more to deal with than just surgery as she discovers much more than she bargained for when she finds out just exactly who her BLOOD RELATIVES are.

Click the story name, settle back, and get ready for one of the most engaging stories out there.


* Picture by RichieSamboraGirl21


The Goddess Hathor said...

Hy Sun! Just read through all your "ramblings".... what a great site! and this picture of Richie? Snagged the hell outta it and I think I'm gonna screen print it on a pillow case (the other side is, of course, the Speedo pic lol).

Damn, girl!

And, I wanted to throw my hat in for Liz's story. ABSOLTELY a MUST READ for Richie fans. Or fans of just plain old good writing :)

~ Hath

Anonymous said...

He really has beautiful lips, doesn't he?


Faithfully yours,
The Fiction Mistress

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