Monday, September 7, 2009

Reality Sets In

Went the next day to an orthopedist.

In a wheelchair.

My constant companion for the next two months.

There are five ligaments in your ankle. In the right foot, I ripped all five ligaments 80 percent. The left ankle had a third degree sprain.

So, let's see what my Bon Jovi quest cost me:

1. My husband and two daughters were playing a pool tournament in Vegas two weeks after I got injured. I was supposed to go. I missed seeing my daughters play in a national tournament for the very first time. (It was hubby's second time.)

2. I had to move out of my two story house for two months and live with my mother in her one story house. Without my husband.

3. I lost my job. And the second income we needed.

4. I lost my insurance.

5. I lost an entire year of my life in recovery. With no therapy (no insurance).

6. I almost lost my house through foreclosure.

So - Jon, Richie, Tico, Dave, and Hugh:

Do you think just two front row tickets on next year's tour would be too much to ask?

Whaddya think guys?


Bayaderra said...

Oh Sun....
My heart goes out to you!
Wish there was something I could do to help.

Shelly said...

HUGS!! that's so awful!

Sandy said...

So sorry to hear all this happened to you. I hope you are definitely on the mend now.

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